Sunday, July 14, 2013

Looking good

Progress progress progress

Robbie is starting to hit is speech stride.  Lots of gibberish still but the words are starting pop out all over the place.  He is even starting to string them together.  We have come a long way from his first word - some debate on what that was - I think it no.

He is also doing well on the music front.  He has such well know classics as Row Row Your Boat and Wheels on the Bus down pat.

Anna Helen is also zipping right along.  She has begun the tried and true Edwards' low crawl.  For some reason she is fascinated with shoes most especially flip flops which I guess is ok but we do have a small problem in that she likes to chew on them which is not ok.  She has no use for the teething ring / teething keys / teething giraffe but the flip flops she loves.


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