Monday, August 5, 2013

I'm Not That Mom...

I'm not that Mom who showers every Saturday....

Who plans every moment...

Who feeds a vegetable at every meal.

I'm not that Mom who choses cute dress over yoga pants for a day at the Children's Museum...

Who bothers with anything other than a ponytail most days....

Who does laundry once a week.

I'm not the Mom who meal plans when kids are sleeping.

Who remembers always to pack the snack...

Who doesn't need a nap.

I'm not that Mom.

I'm not that Mom whose kid doesn't rub banana into the sofa and you think, "did I Scotchguard it?"

Who doesn't think, oif, baby sister, do you really need that overpriced giraffe that I can't find right now in order to fall asleep?

Who doesn't put the pillow over her ears in the most modified version of cry it out ever?

The one who has it all together?

Has the successful plan and always carries it out?

Doesn't have to drag an "I have no limbs" toddler both into and out of school daily?

I'm not that Mom.

But I'm A Mom.

So here we are.


  1. "But I'm a Mom. So here we are." I swear, I just felt that in my toes.

  2. You are absolutely correct in saying you are A mom. And that is all that matters. All these things...they work for you and your babes right?

    Mommy blogs these days are the worst in the world because they have magnified the smug mom facade. And it is just that, a facade. They are the same as everyone else trying to get by!

    wonderful, beautiful family, making it work and finding their way through parenthood.


    An Auntie <3