Tuesday, September 3, 2013

9 Months

Little sister is 9 months old today...  and she's awesome.

  • She's totally grown out of her grumpies unless she's over tired or spies food that she hasn't yet been given.

  • Can already pull up to standing and is working on standing on her own.  She cruises aggressively.  I'm predicting now she'll be walking by sometime in October.  Yikes.  Early!

  • Has been waving and clapping for a couple months now, but I keep forgetting to mention it.

  • I swear she said bye bye the other day, otherwise, she babbles and squeals but hasn't done Mamamamama or dadaadadas or babababas or any of those noises.

  • She knows her name, and more importantly, she knows when she's about to do something she isn't supposed to do.  Looks back with a "are they looking?" before she inevitably raids the dog bowl and splashes in the dog's water bowl.

  • She's not interested in ANY baby toys, just pulling herself up on everything and anything.  And climbing.  She's going to be a climber.

  • Has mastered the pincher grasp, and loves pasta, meat, and all veggies.  Hates fruit.  All of it.

  • We're up to 7 and a half teeth.  Poor Annie is going to have a tooth gap.  Time to start saving for braces!

  • She thinks Robbie is the funniest thing ever.  They crack each other up when riding in the car.  She mimics him, he mimics her, and they both laugh full belly laughs.

  • I think I've mentioned, but they call her the "mayor" at school.  Her class is mostly younger babies.  If they are crying, she crawls to their bouncy seats, etc. and tries to rock them.

  • And we're trying cry it out.  Did it three nights.  Caved last night after 20 minutes of crying at 4am that was keeping us and Robbie up. Blah.  I hate it.  I think she's having a growth spurt, personally. But that may just be rationalizing my guiltiness.  I probably need to sleep in the basement for a few days instead of hearing her and letting my guilt gnash.
Nine is divine.

So are those baby blues.


  1. sooooo BIG. Going to conquer the world if she's walking by 10 months!

    Go my sister! Go!

  2. That is the smartest baby I've ever seen. She will measure her steps carefully before walking and take her Mothers advice before proceeding through lives adventures, then grab each opportunity. This girl is one to watch.