Monday, September 30, 2013

Word Explosion

I mentioned before that I spent more than a few weeks worrying that Robster's language was lagging.

But "they" (being the internet experts) don't lie... one day there is a huge word explosion, and it is my favorite part of parenting a two year old. 

Some favorites of this week:

  • "It.  Is.  AWESOME!"  (Thanks YGG)

  • "S'ok Nanny" whenever she's crying or upset while waving his fingers in the ok symbol.  (He's moved from calling Annie "Aya" to "nanny")

  • "OOOOH.  A Tunnel!" when going under a metro overpass today on the way to work.

  • He now vacillates between calling La Loma "Eat" AND "Elmo".  But consistently.

  • My personal favorite, singing "my mind", and "MOOONshine" in Carolina in My Mind when on the car radio.

  • Reaching up for my hand and saying "Partners" when we are about to walk outside or near a street.

  • Seeing pumpkins outside the grocery store and saying "OOOH.  Apples.  Orange apples!"

  • And the infamous "SHARE!" whenever he wants something someone else has.  Not when vice versa.
Next up?  The Gettysburg Address.

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