Sunday, April 6, 2014

A special day

We had a great day today.  Great weather (at last), great time with friends and great time with family.

The weather was as close to perfect as one could ask for this time of year - low 60s and GLORIOUS, BRIGHT SUNSHINE.  Multiple trips to the play ground this weekend and a general sense of Spring and hope for a new season - I will grant you the language is a little overwrought but it was a LONG Winter.

Time with friends - we had a wonderful service this morning at Church with the highlight being the Baptism of Reece.  Reesc's Mom was one of the first to show up for Susann's New Moms happy/cupcake hour when Robbie was born.  They have been great friends ever sense.  It was a wonderful service which was highlighted by the aforementioned Baptism and the children singing "This little light of mine."  These things are always cute but this was special due to the fact that there was 17 kids there vs. the 7  when the Edwards' family joined MVP UMC.  It is a great thing to be part of a vibrant and growing Church and we have been privileged to be a small part of that growth and I hope vibrancy.  Reece's parents are the reason we came to our Church - they simply extended an invitation and we accepted.

Great time with family - we simply had a good time at the play ground in the great weather.  It seems as if Robbie is growing an inch every time I look away from him and Anna Helen is into EVERYTHING. 

Good weekend all around.

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