Tuesday, April 29, 2014


Shawn outed me.

Potty training is, and will not, be my parenting forte.

I yelled for the first time ever, and then felt like a shithead.  I explained my frustrations later with words... but ya'll, he's two.   So he's confused, and I'm a schmoe.

People outsource everything in DC.  There's got to be an underground business contracting this stuff out.

Potty People?
Toilet Talent?

I won't patent these-- go for it.

I'll stick with the cute on-the-slide together photos.

1 comment:

  1. Take the three day approach. First, together make a chart: one side called the poo poo side, one called the pee pee side. Buy stickers. Buy cool ones for pee pee and really cool ones for poo poo.
    Stay home for the first two days. Pants off. Naked from the waist down. Tiny toilet follows you to each room you move. Put boy on toilet often. Praise and give a sticker to put on chart.
    Day one we accrued 30 stickers (none on poo poo side). Day two, 40 stickers. Day 3, began undies and ventured out for short periods. Took boy to potty every 2 hours to pee. Finally got that poo poo sticker on day 3.

    No pull ups. Some accidents for the first few weeks; now pretty much accident free. Demand NO PULL UPS at school. It will confuse the boy. You can even buy those overnight undies (thicker, more cotton).

    Think Pavlov...