Monday, June 30, 2014


There's a meme going around right now-- #LikeAGirl that deserves more words that I can offer tonight, but I knew as soon as I watched the video (youtube it ya'll), I had to capture my all out baby girl.

I have platitudes about how I can't WAIT for the women in my life to teach Annie how to do things like a girl.  Because the girls I know?  They are dominating.  They are all in. At every moment.

Little sister ya'll?  She's all in.  I had a brief window to capture her running, but trust you me, this happens all day every day.

She is the epitome of running like a girl.

All girls should run like this.

Should live like this.

Facebook let me tag 10 of the phenomenal women that are supporting her in her running on-- there are 50+ more.

Get it Annie.

You know... #LikeAGirl

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