Sunday, July 6, 2014

Great 4th

Every once in awhile it works out.

Usual DC weather on the 4th - mid 90's and mid 90% humidity.

4th of July 2014 - 81 degrees and 30% humidity = WONDERFUL

We (Susann and I) could possibly be the most patriotic people in the country.  We love the USA for what it is and more importantly what it could be.  We look forward to the future for Robbie and Anna Helen and are prepared to do every thing possible to ensure the potential becomes a reality.

Happy Birthday America!

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  1. The morning of the 4th we went to the Potomac Yard park (needed dog food) and the very first thing Daniel said was "Where's Robbie? Is Robbie Here? When we gonna see Robbie?" I told him we'd see you all soon. Miss you and your beautiful family!