Sunday, September 7, 2014


Say you have a Saturday morning and the moment you wake up your power blows?

Why you decide to go to the ZOO!

Family fun day!

Dress the kids in their water sandals.  You know for the otter splash pond.

Man, parking was easy this morning.

Dang, where's the pig?

And the bear?

And the otter?

And the elephant.

The chimp.

The gorilla.

The prairie dogs are even seeking AC.

Whew.  It's hot.

Make awkward conversation at the pizza playground about how empty it is.

Visit reptile building even though you hate snakes and it creeps you out.

Sure is empty at the zoo.

Oh eldest kid?  You outgrew your water shoe?  Your foot is bleeding after the mile long zoo march?

Hint:  Don't go to the zoo when it is 95 degrees and 150% humidity.

Welp, there's always the carousel.

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