Friday, January 16, 2015

The stories we don't tell you?

I seem to forget that grandmas and godfathers who live too far away love the "stories we don't tell you".

Robbie delivered twice this week.

First, when I picked him up on Monday the admin was cracking up.  They said "just go find Robbie. You'll understand".

You see.  When you have an accident at school its so very Montessori to take care of it yourself and get redressed with some of your backup clothes.

To Robbie that meant:  Two shirts as shirts.  And one shirt as pants.

He held his "pants" up all day.

And then Wednesday I get the dreaded call from school at 10, thinking "UGH, I CANNOT TAKE A SICK DAY WITH A KID TODAY."


It turns out Robbie drank the fruit fly bug trap.

The one filled with fruitflies and vinegar.

Don't worry, poison control was called.  Nothing toxic.

Just an embarrassed hilarious kid.

Oh to be three.

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