Friday, May 1, 2015

3rd in 3rd

I frankly haven't had much time to focus on this pregnancy.

I haven't felt pregnant. 

Haven't had that many symptoms at all other than a disinterest in eating any meat I cook and a tendency to go to bed at 9:30.

I've been in that awkward place between "Is she chunky or pregnant", and I guess today I blazed into the 3rd trimester with a bang when a well-meaning grocery store clerk asked both:

1) How I thought I had 12 weeks left, could my days be wrong; and
2) Are you sure there aren't two in there?

I went from feeling pleasantly pregnant to feeling, well, shitty.

Pro-tip. Don't ever ask if there are two in there.

(Hint:  there aren't).

Thereby taking this dress out of rotation for the remainder of the pregnancy.

So my grumpiness calls for a pregnancy update.  I posted them regularly with Robster, not as much with Annie, and well, never with this one.  So, going old school back to 2011, let's revisit the same questions:

How Far Along Are You?   27 weeks pregnant.  Right at 3rd trimester.   90 days left.  That sounds a lot sooner than saying "We have three whole months left!  That's an eternity!"  PS.  3 months is really close, since that we haven't, well, done anything.  And will be moving sometime between now and when the baby comes. 

How Big is the Baby?  The internet has all kinds of strange baby-size comparisons, but it says that this week, the baby is size of a head of cauliflower.  Being that I think cauliflower is repulsive, I'll leave that to you to determine.  Apparently the lady at Giant think there's two heads of cauliflower in there.

Maternity Clothes?  I'm continuing my record, I haven't made a single maternity purchase through 2.5 pregnancies, and am trying valiantly to get through this pregnancy without any.  There are definitely things that look better than others, and suits that definitely aren't going to work for the next 13 weeks.

How are you Sleeping?  Not bad at all.  Knock on wood, my biggest problem is 2-3 time a night potty breaks.  Shawn has valiantly taken all grumpy Robster and Annie wakeups, which is awesome, because if I'm up, I'm up for hours.  We've switched our morning schedules because of Shawn's new job, so we're up for the day at 6:15.  PS, 6:15 - whenever kids fall asleep (live reporting: still fighting the sleep at 8:36pm) makes for a long day of being "on".

This is the first week I've really FELT pregnant.  I think the being tired and parenting two and working full time is catching up with me.  Not to mention that I'm hoarding all my leave for maternity leave, so I haven't had a day off this year.  Nope. Not one.  I'm whooped.

Strangest Moment of the Week?  I have a very defined baby foot stinking out the left side of my stomach.  I never understood when people could tell you where their babies were etc., but I get it.  This is a foot.  Complete with toes.  Sticking out my skin.  You are welcome for that visual.

Food: Good or Bad?  Food is not so much.  I frontload all my eating for the day.  We're talking 2-3 breakfasts most days.  What that leaves me is not interested in food for the rest of the day though. I don't know if I've had a proper dinner in 2 months.

One thing this baby is not interested in?  Healthy food.  Unlike the fresh berries and steamed spinach I craved with Robster, I'm all about two things: Italian subs, and bulgogi.  This kid likes some spicy, fatty meats, topped with spicy dressing and mayonnaise. Poor baby.   (But I would mention my kid that was pregnancy made of berries, twigs, and spinach is my picky eater, so I'm not saying, but...)

Do I miss having a cocktail?  Not interested this time around.  Had a glass of champagne on a few occasions with Annie, and we see how...  enthusiastic... that turned out.  So this time?  I'll pass.  I know correlation does not equal causation, but....

What's Next?  Um. We're moving.  Likely when I'm 36 weeks pregnant.  This is going to hit me like a ton of bricks and I'm going to be wicked worried in a few weeks.  Be forewarned.

What are you Nervous About?  Maternity leave.  Again.  There's a serious lack of understanding of working Moms at my office right now, and I'm getting the short end of the stick.  It's causing way too much stress and anxiety right now. 

So there (Mom).

An update.

And a copy of the offending outfit for today.

P.S.-- we aren't finding out gender this time around.  Any guesses out there?


  1. Love the update! What do you think about baby's sex? I had two boys and both pregnancies were the same as far as how I looked, what I are and craved. You has one or each. This one aligning with either of your previous pregnancies?

  2. Oops. That should read you have one of each! Gar!

  3. Do you need help moving or someone to watch your incredible nippers?
    Where are you moving?