Tuesday, May 26, 2015

It's True

It's true-- I stink at blogging. 

By 9pm most nights I'm just so darn tired.  I need to hoof my laptop to work (and actually take it out) and do some lunch hour blogging.

So I can tell you about the time Robbie got called to the Principal's office.

Or when he said to Annie "Because we're best friends" (likely to try to get something his way).

Or talk about how roles have reversed and our sweet R is deep in the throes of being a threenager, and AH is all of a sudden the rational and reasoned one.

And did I mention she's totally potty trained?  Without any drama to speak of?

And how she can dominate some Brussels sprouts for dinner.

And LOVES being with the big kids.

We've been doing summer well.  (Or I guess spring).

I've even been taking some pictures.

So consider this dispatch a "we're ok"

A "we're tired"

A "we're even photographing some of it!"

But, we're nailing parenting two.  So about that third coming...


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