Monday, August 24, 2015

Back to School

One more return to normalcy, R returned to his charter today.

I promise I'm brimming with news that I need to document... we don't need James to be classic third kid with a totally undocumented childhood.

Instagram has changed that photo wise, but there are stories to tell.

But today, for you, Uncle Mike, in Doha, the return to school was great.  Robbie has been insisting all summer he wanted to stay at camp, but mustered some bravery today, (and that's a quote... he called himself brave), to head on in for his first day of PK4 without a glance back or a hug for his Mom.

PS, Mom would have liked the hug.

The only tears today?  Courtesy of Annie who both thought she was going to Lee this year, and was so sad her brother wouldn't be at daycare any longer.

(Well and then Annie, she'll all about he tears right now.  You know, with the two and all).

But we'll take and embrace the bravery from R.  All else will pass.  We are proud of you buddy.

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