Sunday, March 20, 2011


As most of you know we have a great dog named Daisy. She brings us a great deal of joy but has become accustomed to the being the center of attention. To quote my brother "Somebody is getting ready to have their play pen torn up." I am sure she will do well with Tad but there will certainly a period of adjustment to say the least. Jack Russells sometimes are not the best dogs with children but Daisy appears to be OK. She gets a little excited -jumping and "kisses" but that is about it.

By the way while Daisy and I get along very well - she LOVES Susann. Susann left this morning to go to the grocery store and you would have thought the world was ending - I certainly was no substitute.

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  1. Nothing a little doggie "prozac" won't cure! She can run away to my house for awhile.