Monday, April 11, 2011

A Nursery Theme

Now that we know that Tad is a boy, I tried to revisit our two registries this weekend to add some gender-specific items.

And then... MORE CHOICES!

I therefore failed miserably.

Right now the "nursery" is the "room that we put everything in that we have no other place for".

Before we had the fire, it was our office, but we lost the office furniture and computer in the fire and never got around to replacing it. The room at that time was painted as the previous owners left it.

A GORGEOUS... artistic... tactical "underwater" theme.... like you were inside an aquarium. The fire didn't do much damage to the rest of the house, but it gutted that room.

So now the room is blue. Really blue. Too blue.

Would it be wrong to ask your patient husband to repaint it even though it is a completely appropriate color for a boy's nursery?

We are down to two possible themes for the nursery. With that said, Shawn has a theme, and the nursery will become my theme.

Not that I don't want his opinion... I just know he isn't as committed as I am. So between airplanes (Shawn)... and frogs (Susann)... we are sloooooooowly working towards a frog-themed nursery. Who knew they had over 100 bedding sets of frogs from which to choose?


  1. Hey! I am a great painter and have a lot of supplies...I will help shawn! My painting resume consists of three bedrooms (three different colors), Trim, lamps, and stencils.

    How about frogs flying airplanes? Or Frogs being dropped from airplanes with parachutes? Or Planes flying over frogs. So many combos.

  2. I keep trying to comment and it never lets me (weird!)... but i LOVE the frog theme. After all, I learned a lot about frogs from you Mrs. Edwards :)

  3. I'm with Lucy...I think you can probably throw in a few frogs flying planes. Think how cute those little froggie eyes would be behind some aviator goggles and a little white scarf wrapped around his neck.

  4. Now you've got me googling "Frog Parachuting" and "Frogs Flying Planes"... I'm not too creative, I'm sure someone has covered this before!