Wednesday, April 13, 2011

What's In a Name?

We have chosen a name for Baby Edwards and shared it with our parents... is it odd to share a baby's name before he is born?

I'm completely happy to share it on the blog, and was planning on doing so.

However some people have said it's bad luck... Is it?


  1. according to my intertronz research, people are more worried about people stealing their baby's name...

    Or keep it a surprise!

  2. I think Lucy is right - but I'd love to know what it is (I won't steal it I promise!) And I think my concern (should I be blessed with a bebe one day) is that people would look at me, scrunch their noses and half frown saying "Oh... well that's different.interesting.boring.neutral.why would you pick that?!?" Which is just completely obnoxious, in my opinion. After you've had it and named it, people tend to keep their opinions to themselves. Unless they are my mother, of course.