Thursday, April 7, 2011

Orange You Glad I Didn't Say Banana?

(Funny title, eh?)

At 20 weeks, Baby Edwards is officially the weight of a large orange and the length of a banana.

As of today, we are officially "over the hill"... 20 weeks and 1 day pregnant.

That means that everything from here on out is counting down to D day.

After the 20 week anatomy scan, the "surprises" level off. I can pretty much guarantee that women don't count down to the glucose test at their 24 week appointment... or hitting 32 weeks, when your appointments switch from monthly to every-other-week.

I am lucky though... in my infinite wisdom of prepping for the ultrasound, I was told to make sure the baby was cooperative and awake. I interpreted this to mean: eat lots of grapes, drink a big orange juice, eat a mini Hershey's bar, and wash it down with a Diet Coke. Well, Baby Tad was definitely awake. More awake than he should be! They weren't able to get all the measurements of his brain and heart because of his squirminess, so I'll be heading back for one more ultrasound on April 20th.

This week I would say is the 1st time I have felt pregnant. I think that the ability to feel something moving inside me is starting to crystallize that this is all real. Does it make me a bad mother-to-be that it creeps me out to feel something moving?


  1. I just measured my breakfast banana. I love the real life size comparisons!!

  2. If that's a bad mama, count me in that club. I hated the alien-in-the-belly feeling.