Sunday, April 3, 2011

She don't want no minivan

Well as we get ready for the big arrival we are starting to look at another vehicle more suitable to baby hauling duties.  I am of the belief that the minivan could well be the perfect vehicle for said duties - lots of room, rides great and good gas mileage.  My amazing wife STRONGLY disagrees and since she is going to be the one driving it I think it only fair that she gets to pick the vehicle.  The leader right now is the Ford Edge.  We test drove one over the weekend - very nice - lots of room (not as much as minivan) and it drives great.  We are couple of months away from doing anything but we are moving in Susann's direction. 


  1. You mean moving at Susann speed? Well technically if it was her speed, you'd have the car just in time to teach Tad how to drive :-) I want the Ford Edge (hybrid) too...can you come convince my husband that it's a smart idea to appease the pregnant wife on this one?

  2. I'm of the strong belief that Subaru as a company and car rules!

  3. We, too, had it narrowed to the Ford Edge and the Subaru Outback a few months ago. The Edge had lots of nice toys and rode well, but my husband went against his gadgetry bent and picked the Outback for its ride, MPG, and value. We have been extremely pleased with it.