Wednesday, April 27, 2011

A Taste of Pregnancy

After yesterday's post which I got some "too preachy" comments on, I thought I'd go with something a little lighthearted this evening... the strange affect pregnancy has on your taste buds.

We're not talking the cliched extreme of pickles and ice cream, but I have definitely have some strong likes and dislikes in the food arena. I've probably mentioned a few of these before.

We'll start with my aversions which are really broad brush and have been strange and strong:
  • Any beef, pork, or chicken that I cook:  This has led to lots of nights making a veggie burger, or passing my meat off to Shawn.
  • Bananas.  I used to eat a banana every morning (along with two boiled eggs) for breakfast.  This is a no-go
  • Eggs:  Ditto.  See above. 
  • Potatoes:  I haven't had the taste for anything in the potato family, including fries.  This is probably a good thing.
  • Lemonade:  Pregnancy has given me a strange allergy to lemonade.  Or at least a sensitivity.  If I drink even a sip, my throat starts to close like I'm having an allergy attack.  Strange strange strange.

My likes have been stronger-- some good for you, some not:
  • Tomatoes:  We're talking slice up the tomato, add a little salt and pepper and eat.  At least once a day.  I can imagine this one is going to grow as tomatoes actually come into season.
  • Chex Mix:  This one didn't kick in until the second trimester.  I actually had a huge Costco tub of party mix that just sat around for the first 15 weeks, until one day I opened it.  Took it to work.  And it has been eaten through twice now.  My colleagues are enjoying helping with this one.
  • Pineapple:  Most specifically, pineapple in the fruit salad from Busboys & Poets.  But for the first time in my life, I've been seen buying huge pineapples at the grocery store and cutting up and eating them in 2-3 days.
  • Salmon:  I never EVER cooked fish at home before this pregnancy.  The smell in my house killed me.  Scratch that.  When you don't want chicken, pork, or beef, that leads to more fish than usual.  I have to watch this though, because between tuna and salmon, I usually sget to my weekly allocation of fish by Tuesday.  I do plan to eat the hell out of some crab in the next couple weeks if I can convince Shawn to make the drive out to Annapolis to go to Cantlers.
  • Spinach:  Nom nom nom.  Sauteed spinach is a winner.  Jules was witness to my replacing my french fries with spinach at lunch a few weeks ago.  That was a delicious decision.
  • Sushi:  I want sushi ALL THE TIME.  We're talking every single day, all day long.  Pregnancy conventional wisdom says no raw fish.  I'd like to say I've strictly abided by this rule but...
  • Cheeseburgers:  We talked about this before.  Delicious.  Homemade burgers, veggie burgers, McDonalds burgers... doesn't matter!
  • (You can make fun of this one) Corned Beef Hash:  Yes, its strange.   I don't think I've ever eaten corned beef hash in my life.  Now I think about it when I'm not having it.  I don't want to think where it comes from, I just want to dominate it for breakfast every single day.  Shawn witnessed this in SC last weekend, and I think he was shocked.
These could definitely be worse, I'm sure...



  1. Ohhhh Man. I make a mean corned beef hash. There is also a place called Renee's down the street from my house that has the best hash from a restaurant I've ever experienced.

    I make you hash some. Is good.

    Also, Preach on Sister!

  2. Mmm, potatoes, french fries especially. Your spinach love isn't weird, it has tons of iron, body needs iron. Replacing french fries with spinach is still weird. I bet you add more fresh fruit and veggies to your must have list as summer goes on since they'll be everywhere and delicious. Nom nom nom....