Monday, April 25, 2011

I (we) got a great one.

Well, as you already know from Susann's post, we were in the fabled city of Marion, SC for Easter.  It is always good to see the family and catch up on everything going on.  Dad is doing much better.  He still has some trouble verbalizing more complex thoughts but does pretty well consider the severity of his stroke.

Mom, as always, is amazing.  She has a great deal on her plate right now.

Joey and Kevin are doing well and Paula is very busy with Spoleto (and a budding tennis carer).

Having said all that the star of the weekend was Susann.  She jumped in at every opportunity to help no matter what.  She watched an entire hour of Glenn Beck with my Father without throwing something at the screen - believe me no small thing - or saying anything disrespectful.  Finally she got up at o'dark30 so we could go to the Sunrise Service and get on the road ahead of the holiday traffic. 

I could not ask for a better partner and our son could not ask for a better Mother.

Now if I could just get her to watch Fox News!



  1. I agree with everything - except watching Fox news!

  2. Not watching Fox News is what makes her perfecto!