Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Jack Hammers and Jack Russells

Our one-fact-a-day baby calendar last week said to throw away tales about putting earphones on your tummy, that now baby's ears are developed enough to hear a Jack Russell barking or a Jack Hammer drilling.


Pay no attention to the peaceful Jack Russell to the right--- she has certainly found her voice.  Add on top of that the fact that she gets excited any time a phone rings, a person walks by on the sidewalk or a dog barks on the tv, and we have some Jack Russell barking.  Barking so much, in fact, that we're thinking we may need to try a bark collar out before the baby gets here.  She's the laziest Jack Russell in the world, but every dog needs to have a barking conversation every now and then, and we're nervous that her excitement around kids and babies will only exacerbate that fact. 

And sledgehammers and Jackhammers... boy do we have those.  Anyone who has been to our house knows about the vacant house to our left that has been the bane of our existence.  The good news?  It's no longer vacant.  The bad news?  There are workers there from 730am until 8pm.  Every.  Single. Day.  With jackhammers.  And sledgehammers.   And generally loud noise makingness.  It's starting to make me crazy.  I try to remind myself that its much better than either a vacant house, or massive construction being underway with a brand new baby.  But for now, the noise is so loud that it's literally making me nauseous.  And unhappy.  And grumpy.  And more unhappy.

So sorry, baby.  I know you can hear all those jack russells and jack hammers.  And the sledge ones too.  Here's to being able to sleep through anything!

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