Sunday, May 1, 2011

Top Ten Strange Baby Products

1: Designer Barf Bags
    Fortunately Susann has not had to much of a problem with mourning sickness.
2: Temperature Test Rubber Ducky
    Is it that hard to figure out the bath water is too hot?
3: Bathroom Baby Harness
    This the one you use to hang your child on the wall while you use the restroom.  I probably should not be to harsh with this one.  Sounds like something I might need.
4: Placenta Brooch
5: Baby String Bikini
6: Baby Perfume
    Ever heard of baby powder?
7: Breastfeeding Simulator
    What's wrong with a bottle?
8: Ride-on Vacuum
    Kid needs to learn the value of work.
9: Birth Doll
    This one is for parents who already have kids.  A little TMI.
10: Thudguard Infant Safety Hat
    I have a feeling that our child will have a fairly hard head - those Edwards/Miller genes.

1 comment:

  1. None of my four babies have accepted bottles, ever. I've never seen the breastfeeding simulator, not sure if it'd have been acceptable to them, but who knows. Cup feeding is simple enough...