Thursday, June 23, 2011

Pregnancy Update... 31 Weeks

This one is for the curious Mom out there who doesn't get to see me every day.  Or hasn't gotten to see me at all this pregnancy.  (But will in just 2 weeks!)

Today I'm just over 31 weeks pregnant, and my next ultrasound to check to make sure the growth of the baby has sped up a little is on Wednesday. 

My blood pressure has been wacky over the last couple days.  It's been as high as 150/100, but seems  to have leveled out at a nice normal 115/75.  I have a cuff that a friend lent me, so I'm checking to make sure there aren't any consistent spikes that aren't coldwater/flood/holes in ceiling related.

There's all kind of pregnancy "memes" on the internet.  I'm not really even sure what a meme is, but it appears to be a surveyish update.  So here goes one:

How Far Along Are You?   31 weeks, 1 day pregnant.  My "switchover" day is on Wednesdays, so I'm not a wacky counting lady, its just easy to tell how many days on a Thursday!

How Big is the Baby?  The internet has all kinds of strange baby-size comparisons, but it says that this week, the baby is the length of the originial front wheel of a Big Wheels (over 13 inches?), and his weight should be somewhere between 3.5-4 lbs... about the size of four large naval oranges.

Maternity Clothes?  Believe it or not, I haven't made a single maternity purchase, and am trying valiantly to get through this pregnancy without any.  I definitely don't want to buy a suit for work, and right now, I'm living in a few summer dresses that are seeming to do the trick.  Maybe I'll have a crazy stomach growth spurt in the next 9 weeks, but I can't imagine that happening.  I'm down about 35 lbs over all in the pregnancy, so some of my "regular" clothes are even too big.

How are you Sleeping?  Terribly.  Sporadically. Going to bed at 9:45.  Getting up 6-7 times a night.  Waking up before 6:45 raring to go.  I'm a stomach sleeper and that's a pregnancy no-no, so I'm having a really hard time getting comfortable.  Plus this week we're having to stay in the guest room while they do flood mitigation in our master bedroom, and this bed is just too darn soft.  I won't be shocked if I end up on the couch at some point tonight.

Strangest Moment of the Week?  "Alien" baby has made his emergence.  You can see the baby moving, flipping, waving, kicking, etc.  Its... creepy.  I had my first friend touch my stomach this week (that I would allow), and I was able to point out to AK that what she was touching was baby toes.  Baby toes hurt!! 

I'm also having my first round of Braxton-Hicks contractions.  They started kicking in on Tuesday after our pipe issue, and I could tell they weren't anything to worry about.  I should've not mentioned to Shawn because he hasn't gotten to that chapter in his Dad book yet.  No, we don't need to go to the hospital.  (I hope!)

Food: Good or Bad?  The 3rd trimester morning sickness seems to have calmed down as long as I don't come anywhere near eggs or bacon.  On a particularly hot day a couple weeks ago, everyone I met smelled like bacon to me.  Myself.  Shawn.  My boss.  The sweaty homeless guy sitting next to me in the Longworth cafeteria.  It's enough to say adios to bacon for awhile.  Eggs have said adios enough to me lately that I'm not interested in thinking about them.

So in general.  Food = bad.  I feel like I've been eating like a toddler.  See one of my normal dinners to the right.  If I'm not having a veggie burger, I'm having edamame, hummus and pita, and pineapple and raspberries. 

Do I miss having a cocktail?  Actually, not at all. I'm sure I'll enjoy a margarita or few after the baby is here, but I haven't had the craving or interest to drink.  Strangely enough, the smell of cigarettes is intoxicating.  I am loving the smell.  (Clearly I wouldn't smoke one).

What's Next?  Baby room has been thrown off schedule by the need to reconstruct the walls and ceilings of three more rooms of our house.  We need to have things in order before people are up here for my shower weekend, or else my Dad is going to have a long list of chores to help Shawn with!

What are you Nervous About?  Maternity leave.  Big time.  Being away from work for almost four months??  What if they realize they don't need me there??

How's that for a pregnancy update, Mom?

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  1. You will be so excited about the new babe! They will still need you when you get back and you'll be better than ever. Promises.

    You are so far along! Bebe comes so soon!! Go Susann Go Shawn Go bebe edwards!

    p.s. screw the Flood gods tell them to shove it.