Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Day-Glo Baby

Robbie had his first pediatrician appointment yesterday, and everything checked out great!  It looks like his gaining weight has helped keep the jaundice at bay.  He was only a couple ounces shy of being back to his birth weight!  (Which is apparently great news!)

A few more photos of our day-glo baby from his bili-blanket last week.  These may or may not be used in a wedding rehearsal slide show 30 years in the future.

We're having to supplement his feeding right now with formula, which he seems to love more than the milk I can give him.  I think its more about ease for him than anything else.  Doctor recommended we visit a lactation consultant sometime in the next couple weeks.  I feel like that's high on the list of #thingsyuppiesdo ... but we'll do whatever is best for baby.

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