Friday, August 12, 2011

My Co-Pilot

I've gained a co-pilot for this bedrest.

As you may have heard, Daisy is the latest casualty in the "nunquam securus" of the Edwards home.  Somehow she's gotten her leg or hip out of joint, and has been sentenced to six weeks of limited activity and twice a day muscle relaxers.
The pro for me?  She's been a fantastic co-pilot for bedrest.  She certainly seems to be enjoying it more than I am.

I do wonder if dogs have a sixth sense when something is up.  She has literally not wanted to leave my side for the last three days.  She's always been my special buddy, but she "checks in" with me and time I move, stand up, change positions, or leave the room. And she has barked less and cuddled more in the last 72 hours than she has in the last 7 months.

Maybe she thinks this baby is going to be here earlier than the 25th? 

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