Thursday, March 31, 2011

A Crib for Our Crib

I think my husband may have picked up on the fact that I've been shopping for a duvet cover for 4 years now... And a black cardigan for half as long... After tiring of my sending him online links of options upon options of nursery furniture: Shawn took the plunge for us and ordered one of the sets I sent without getting my ok. And I am SO GLAD HE DID. We are now the proud owners of a crib (some assembly required), and a dresser/changing table combo (even more assembly required). It's been some time since we've put something together without the Ikea issued hex key. Let's hope this baby will end up with a crib with four legs. And four walls. Thanks to our good friends at Overstock, we now have this furniture in Cherry. And just in time-- this week, I felt Tad move for the first time. Everyone said the first time you feel a baby move it is a cross between indigestion and butterflies. I know this wasn't turkey tacos, because Tad literally flipped when I drank a Sprite a few days ago. Baby like sugar way more than mama does.

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