Wednesday, June 27, 2012

10 Months

They say that 8-10 months is a really big growth time for babies... and we're no exception.  I think our "off the growth curve" little dude has beasted his way back onto the growth curve.  I feel like he's gained at least two pounds in the last month. 

How are we doing (other than late as always with the monthly update?)

  • Robbie is officially "tank, jr." at school.  He's started eating school lunches, which makes things easier for me, but now I feel bad for calling one of his classmates Tank... because it appears we are parents to Tank, Jr.  Boy can EAT.  He apparently had three servings of spaghetti, meatballs and peas at lunch today.  And we wonder where that two pounds came from.  It's hard to believe this is the little dude that I had to take for five extra weight checks because I was starving him in his first few weeks.

  • A popular google of late?  "Is there a 10 month sleep regression", "Why does my baby hate sleeping past 5:30", etc etc.  Our awesome sleeper has fallen off the awesome curve a little.  Which makes morning slightly less awesome.  And makes being pregnant and limited on caffeine pretty un-awesome too.

  • Robster is officially "cruising".  What that roughly approximates to is pulling himself up on anything marginally stable, and then dumping contents of said shelf/table/box/etc onto the floor.

  • He is growing out of the army crawl slowly, but still seems to prefer it because it's easier to carry a toy in one hand (or a foam letter in this case), while pulling himself along with the other arm.

  • He loves throwing anything possible out of his crib.  We load up with 4-5 pacifiers and 2-3 lovies, and they all seem to find their way to the floor before Robbie conks out for the night.

  • Mamamamamama is becoming more consistent.  I think we may have a winner in first real word.  Well, first after "Didi" which apparently means "Daisy" (our dog)

  • We made the fatal parenting error of sharing our steak and cheesecake with Robbie during Shawn's Father's Day dinner.  Sugar ya'll?  It's no joke.

  •  We've been to lots of 1st birthday parties over the last few months, several of which involve "swimming". Trying to decide if we're going to do a party for Robbie, and if so what it will entail.

10 months is fun and exhausting.  And fun.  And EXHAUSTING.

Maybe I should reinstate the "it's going to be a bad night" comment before bedtime each night and we can get back to a 6:45am wakeup.  So much more civilized than 5:45.

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