Thursday, June 14, 2012

To Know or Not to Know

I (being Susann only) am seriously thinking about not finding out the gender of baby 2. 


No one I say that to believes me.

Seriously.  No one does.

I will fully admit I have a severe "need to know" on all things, but this could be a fun little surprise if we are able to wait.

What are the chances?

Also how many minutes until Shawn weighs in with a "REALLY"?

With Robbie, I had absolutely, 100% no doubt that he was a boy.   I didn't have a question in my mind, and when they told us at 20 weeks, I was like "duh".

I don't feel as strongly with this baby (who clearly needs a nickname, and if we stick with the frog theme it would be Newt but then, really, Newt?).  I'm probably at 70% boy, 30% girl.

I FEEL differently this pregnancy.  I'm much sicker.  Much more tired.  Much more zitty.   Much more interested in candy and cupcakes.  But we can probably attribute some of that to chasing around a 10 month old.

Who knows.  If we decide to find out, the ultrasound is scheduled for July 16th.  Until then, we can start back up "Old Wives Wednesdays" like I did last time around.

I just want another one of these: 

A happy, sunshiney, good sleeping, awesomeness of a baby.

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  1. eeeeeee so many babies. I'm in love.

    How about going with a new animal. I like little Chicks. Chickadee chickadeee