Sunday, June 10, 2012


Robbie has begun transitioning from full on infant to full on toddler.  While this process is still on going and will be for sometime he is making some real progress.

He has started to pull himself up and take his fist steps - yes he was holding on to the banister - but they were steps nonetheless.  His other favorite place to pull himself up is in his crib. 

He has begun to feed himself and while the process leaves something to be desired as for as cleanliness goes it is hard say that it is not effective.

Robbie is also just about ready to say his first words.  Susan swears that he says Momma already but I  . . . well lets just say that I have not heard him say that just yet,  He certainly is willing and does not hesitate to make a "joyful noise" at every opportunity.

This weekend once again seemed very short.

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