Sunday, September 2, 2012

Football is back and other adventures

The one of the best days of the year was yesterday - college football kicked off.

Robbie and I got to watch the 1st quarter with Robbie before he had to head up to bed.  He knows what a ball is and loves to "throw" across the floor to Susann or me.

In other news we are beginning the transition to milk from formula and from a bottle to the "sippy"cup.  Word for the wise - DO NOT try this for the first time when in the car.  Robbie gave it a game effort but no more than half of the milk went in his mouth.  The rest went all over him and his seat.  I have been thinking for sometime that people where exaggerating when they were talking about the bad milk smell - I was wrong.

and the best part of the weekend?  Clemson won, in Atlanta no less!

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