Friday, September 7, 2012

On Strike

Our little dude is on a major veggie strike

All vegetables?  Fed directly to the dog off his tray.

It made me feel slightly better when I ran by Robbie's school yesterday and there were peas all over the ground under every other kid's seat too. 

But when do you worry that your kid isn't eating vegetables?  At all. 

He can put back fruit with the best of them, but my "I'm not going to raise a picky eater" mantra is being totally destroyed.  Advice from others who have been there are much appreciated.  He'll still eat a puree if I offer it, but I don't want to go back to "baby" food if we don't have to


  1. Abby has no problems eating vegetables ( in fact I wouldn't be surprised if she is a vegetarian in the making). Your fabulous brother-in-law though? :) so try with Robbie what I do with K - hide them anywhere and everywhere! Take a look at "Deceptively Delicious" a cookbook by Jessica Seinfeld. She has some great ideas

  2. Deep fry the veggies, worked for me!

  3. We'll cook carrots until they are just a little bit soft. They're sweeter veggies and seem to be one of the few D will tolerate now. Cauliflower (steamed) is another. It's easy to pick up and also slightly sweeter. Those are the only two that work here. At least Robbie's getting fruit...