Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Work Nesting

You know that you've been blogging too long when you get halfway through writing a blog and realize "I think I've written this one before".

So today?  This.

Minus the pre-eclampsia watch and blood pressure and all those other troubs.

It's nice to have a relatively uncomplicated pregnancy.

But even my 50-something male boss said today, "Is there such a thing as work nesting?  Because you are doing it." 

I'm going to take it as a compliment on how productive I'm being, and not a harbinger for bed rest starting in six days like it did after the last post.

But to be fair, my maternity leave starts in seven days, and as of today, baby is 37 weeks, so everything from here forward is gravy. 

My Mom is rooting for Thanksgiving because it would make her visiting to help a little easier.  My boss is rooting for Thanksgiving because it is his birthday.  I'm rooting against Thanksgiving, because it is the most logistically difficult back-up plan we have in place.  Which means that'll be when she comes.  Because we don't do things the easy way around here.

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