Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Friends In High Places, v. 2

Mama got out of the house tonight to attend a party celebrating our favorite Senator's victory in this year's election.  Robbie met Senator Gillibrand when he was 3 weeks old... AH has him beat with meeting her at 15 days!

She's a working mom with two little ones of her own...

She's smart as hell and verbal on so every issue that I've spoken with her on...

... and for our family's sake, she's the Senate originator of legislation to promote a tax credit for infertility treatments.

This is the legislation the RESOLVE organization was pushing back on their Hill day in the spring, and I was able to thank her for her leadership on the effort.

We need more Moms in Congress!


With Robbie, September 2011:

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  1. More moms in Congress and more moms in leadership in general. Yeah for momma gettin' out!