Sunday, January 13, 2013

Church and other things

Susann has already commented on our successful efforts to find a church.  I believe we have found one that meets all our needs and and I have to say that I have never seen a more welcoming church than Mount Vernon Place UMC. 

Susann and come different church backgrounds but have similar religious beliefs and a strong desire to ensure that R and AH are raised in a Christian home and are provided that opportunity of being part of a church community.  We had been a little lazy on the church search front and learned about MVP through friends in the neighborhood.  Hard for me to believe that their suggestion was coincidence - the Lord will provide.  We are meeting with the Minster tomorrow to discuss our desire to have AH baptized which is a pretty good indication of how much we like the church.

In other news the weather was terrible here today so we had lots of inside time with R.  He is very "active" so it was a full time job keeping him entertained.  When it was time for his nap he was in no mood for sleep and then got sick.  Fun times.  Turns out that cleaning that up meets Susann description of a "boy job."

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