Thursday, January 10, 2013

Out and About

We've been working this week on getting out.

Beginning of the week it was necessary... Shawn was out of town for two days and I took care of two kids!  Alone!

I can't even describe the anxiety that went in to those days.  I practiced the anxiety for two weeks in advance and two days afterwards.  But we made it.  And passed with flying colors.  Hence the being awesome post.

Getting a car for the day at this point involves us taking the boys to work/school.  Easy? 

Um.  Not easy.

Not easy to get a toddler, a husband, a newborn, and yourself dressed and fed and out of the house by 730am.  Not easy at all.

But again.  We're doing it.

Topped it off this morning with a visit to AH's new BFFs, Als and Lils with coffee and Munchkins in hand.

Here she is telling them how awesome life is in the upcoming weeks.

Getting out and about?  Crucial.

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