Thursday, August 1, 2013

Having a Village...

Having a village... a nascent one even... makes our world a whole lot better.

Parenting is one of those times that you have to work at being friends sometimes.

It's not like a freshman hall, or a crop of new hires at your first job.

It's hard to identify when a friendship begins.

Was it when she popped out a formula bottle at a meet up when you were feeling down in the dumps about BFing not working out?

Or that time when you took a chance and had sushi and shared a crazy brain story and she nodded instead of judging?

Or when, on a walk, there was just something there and unspoken that seemed right and normal and natural?

But you try.  And you open yourself up a little.

And all of a sudden, a little village (a loud one) starts to emerge.

And for that?  I am grateful.

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  1. love being a part of your village!