Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Saying Goodbye

I guess it is bound to happen. 

The pre-school, post 20s, exodus of young families back to their "homes".

It burns.

It hurts really bad when "new" friends that you have come to count as integral in your support universe cross continents and oceans and all of a sudden, your two years of being in the EXACT SAME PLACE comes to a halt.

When those little buddies who are just learning each other's names won't see each other again?

When you'll have to rely on the Internet and Facebook to see littles grow. 

And rely on those emails that I really mean to send, but there's so much to say that I never end up sending them, to know where your buddy's mindspace is. 

How she's adjusting to California.  How she's adjusting to Australia.

My heart is hurting tonight because part of my village is moving home.

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