Tuesday, December 17, 2013

School Holiday Program

Because we don't have video that I've figured out how to upload, the highlights? 

The class Annie just graduated from "singing" from their bumbos... and the teachers dancing it out on the babies' behalf.  We love them.

AH with her favorite teacher, Mrs. Helen and the other 24 one year olds dancing out to "Hip Hop Jingle Bells."

Robbie stealing the show by remembering all the hand motions to the not-at-all-Christmasy-"Your Face" (his class, at the FBC daycare is MAYBE 50% Christmas celebrators?).  I love raising our kids in  Washington.

Abject fear of Santa.  That didn't make the photos.

Thinking the fake presents were real?  That did.

And did I mention the parental scrum of videotapers?

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