Sunday, June 22, 2014

Sticking to the schedule

We are doing pretty well lately with filling up the weekends with activities.

This is critical for everyone's sanity.

This past weekend is a excellent example:

We started with early drinks with friends right after work on Friday.  The meet up location was chosen because it had a great happy hour menu and was right across the street from church. 

Susann left to pickup R and AH.  I headed over to church to see how I can help set up for MVP's semi annual Jazz on the Steps concert.  I did some semi useful manual labor and Susann brought the kids from daycare.  We had a great evening of wonderful music and fellowship.

The next morning my amazing and wonderful wife took the kids off for a daycare play date with . . . wait for it . . . the kids from daycare.  I stayed home working with our handyman getting to all those projects that Susann has been very patiently waiting for me to get to - there are lots.  Susann spent most of the day out keeping the kids out from under foot and we made lots of progress on the projects - still not done though.

The big day was today with Susann helping to organize and set up for our church potluck for a visiting youth choir.  She made a salad, her classic (my Grandmother Edwards' recipe) cheese and macaroni and the pièce de résistance - her fabled banana pudding all of which were superb.  Not that anyone keeps score of course but her stuff was gone first.  Now the surprise of the day was when another 30 person youth group showed up unexpectedly for service.  Susann as always came through with a plan to make sure we have enough food and ordered pizza which showed up about 10 minutes before lunch started.

We finished the day at a birthday party with lots of other kids in the neighborhood.  There was lots of bouncing in the bouncy house and trampoline which allowed the parents to drink a cold beverage and watch.

We are all tired but in good way - ready (I hope) for the coming week.

I am feeling very blessed tonight. 

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