Tuesday, March 8, 2011

40 days... or 40 weeks?

My FB post this morning was "Sus@nn Edw@rds is giving up alcohol, unpasteurized cheeses, sushi and luncheon meat for Lent... oh wait".

We all know I have the best mom in the world. I can't imagine Mom Miller was found often eating any of those things in the 1970s.... but there are so many things these days pregnant ladies can't do that I'm sure are just en vogue right now.

Mom, Aunts, etc. what were you forbidden to do during pregnancy in the 1970s?

I didn't have a sip of caffeine for the first 14 weeks of pregnancy, but have added back in a couple sodas a week. I've had some blue cheese salad dressing... and lots of cooked fish... and I'm still kicking.

Mix in a husband whose man-pregnancy book "My Boys Can Swim" says I can't have Nutrasweet, bacon, and soy sauce, and you are taking away 50% of my favorite foods. And of course as nature would have it, EVERYTHING I'm craving. Keep your sweets, I want salt salt and more salt! Dipped in salt.

My OB/GYN practice is one of the largest in the city, with over 20 doctors. They encourage you to see a mix during your appointments since you will be delivered by whomever is on call that day. But I have to say, I have a favorite. Dr. E kind of reminds me from Stanford from Sex and the City. He's tiny, loud, blunt and on team J... and said that without saying I should do any of those things... as long as I don't eat food court sushi and drink Red Bull, I'm due for a healthy pregnancy. (with the necessary doctor caveats included of course).

So for Lent, I'll give up eating anything that doesn't make healthy sense. And apparently eating meat that I cook myself. I'm on the fourth day in a row of not being able to stomach eating what I cook for dinner. Shawn's had lots of leftovers for lunch!

Stay tuned for tomorrow's debut of "Old Wives' Wednesday". As we countdown to the anatomy ultrasound on April 6th, I'll be testing some of the most popular old wives' tales for predicting gender. Know any I should try, let me know in the comments!


  1. Screw the meat. Give up something really tough...oh, I don't know, like REALITY TV!!! J/K I'd say the no Red Bull is sacrifice enough.

    As a longtime member of Team J (like 33 years and counting), don't pregnant ladies get special dispensation from lent? They do from fasting on Yom Kippur. Maybe you should look into that.

    Speaking of Stanford, tonight on E they played the series finale of SATC. It made me think of you. I miss that show so much and whenever I watch the reruns I think about how far we've come from where we were when those episodes aired for the first time....

  2. Perhaps I shall give up being a sore winner :)

  3. What's the old wives tale about if you are violently ill your first trimester? It's a boy or something?

    Why not soy sauce? I'll do some research. Also, super lulz at "My boys can swim"