Friday, March 11, 2011

On Track

After getting an ultrasound every 2-3 weeks, the 16 week appointment is a disappointment! I went in this morning for a regular check-up. No photos, no "inspection", just some bloodwork to test for Downs and spina bifida, and a chance to listen to Baby Tad's heartbeat.

Tad's heart is still beating on at 162, so I'm going to guess that the heartrate old wives' tale is just that... a tale.

Apparently at 32, having gone through fertility treatments, and having placenta previa makes one a high-risk pregnancy, which qualifies me for the fabulous gift of being encouraged to take all the blood test screenings.. AND....... MORE APPOINTMENTS!

My placenta previa is still "complete", which means
  1. I won't be going to Birmingham in two weeks for work, and
  2. I don't feel guilty about asking my male co-workers to help me move furniture and lift boxes as we complete our work move next week.
Shawn and I had discussed before had what I would do if they decided to do a surprise ultrasound at this appointment. He wasn't able to be there, and I'm glad I didn't have to cross that bridge. I think I'd have a hard time NOT finding out the gender if I had the chance.

I do have another fabulous "issue" to add on top of all the others: Strep B in my cha cha. I'm going to blame it on all the times I had strep until I had my tonsils out at age 21. All it means is that if the baby is going to come the "normal" way, I'll have to have antibiotics via IV during delivery so the baby doesn't get sick. This is apparently really common.

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  1. I had a partial previa with my second. As the uterus grows there is a chance the placenta will move up (doesn't actually move, but the position it is in on the uterus moves up as the uterus expands....). Luckily mine resolved since we were aiming for (and got) a homebirth. Complete previas are a bit more difficult, but it's still possible it'll resolve. I did a lot of visualization (hokey, but what else can you do) about it moving. Downside is I had a lot of bleeding in the pregnancy because of it and that was frightening.

    I am surprised they tested you for GBS so early. Your status can change in less than a week from - to + or the other way around. There are ways to "correct" it naturally if you're interested. If you do end up with antibiotics during labor and do plan to nurse watch carefully for thrush (a yeast infection in baby's mouth/your nipples)) and take probiotics yourself.