Sunday, May 22, 2011

Getting ready for the next chapter

I had a pretty good time when I was single here in DC.  That changed for the better when we got married and we are about 12 weeks our from another "big" change. 12 weeks and lots to do.  Susann and I spent sometime cleaning out the storage/nursery room on Saturday.  Lots of stuff that for the most part we can live without.  I am losing my t-shirt and casual closet to baby Edwards.  During the big clean we stumbled across everything from pictures to music cds to old mail.

One of the t-shirts we found was from the Braddock era of my life.

If you are having a hard time reading it it says "Hot Damn Get Fired Up."  Lets just say I did not get that one in Sunday School.

All the clothes went to goodwill and just about everything else went in the trash.  I hope the next person who gets this shirt has as much fun in it as I did.  A very small price to pay as we get ready for the big day.

Next weekend we hope to have the nursery painted.  Susann is starting to get anxious about getting everything done - I believe the term of art is "nesting".   She is a week out from the third tri-mester so I guess she might have a point.  Lots to do.


  1. Nest Nest Nest it up!

    I love that shirt, I especially like that particular style on you shawn. I believe it's called "Redneck Sleeveless" in Italy.

    I'm off to google search that shirt for my family fourth of July Badminton tourney.

  2. I am shocked and sadden you parted ways with the old girl.