Thursday, May 26, 2011

Shower the People...

(1st, I LOVE James Taylor... Shawn got us awesome seats to last year's JT/Carole King concert and you would've thought I'd died and gone to heaven even though we were 20 years younger than anyone else in the room).

With that aside, I received in the mail yesterday and invitation to my own baby shower!

As my awesome friends and family know, I'm not much of a girlie girl.... but if I had to have a bridal shower, I guess we have to have a baby shower.

And several of my awesome ladies have stepped up to throw one in July.

My only requested ground-rules: 

1)  No silly games (i.e., guess which candy bar is melted in that diaper)
2)  My guests shall have the option of "adult" beverages

I don't excel at the girl things in life. 

I'm not sure my wedding would've happened if Jess hadn't set me down with a checklist every few weeks that let me know how behind I was getting on planning.

I figured with the wedding though, I was paying professionals who do these things every single weekend.  If they screwed up, its because I picked poorly.

You can't hire professionals to prep for a baby.  Or to have a baby.  (I mean, technically you can... but... really). 

I had lunch with another mama-to-be today who is about 7.5 weeks behind me, and she was talking about the window dressings she's having made for the baby's room.  

And I'm just proud that the room is empty and ready to be painted and decorated. 

We'll get there. 

I promise.

See the empty canvas.

Jess, do you have a checklist for this?


  1. yeah for the invites! they were one of the last things to get out before I went into good timing. It's surreal finally going to your own shower after years of going to ones for others :-) We'll have fun (without the games). Maybe I'll start working on a checklist for you.

  2. True story - my oldest got a "nursery" about 4 weeks before his brother was born. Oldest was almost 2.5. He's alive and mostly normal. ;-)