Monday, May 23, 2011

Purging Some Good Stories

(Those who object to a little rowdiness may want to skip this post.  This may mean you Mom).

While I didn't technically have any "stuff" in the junkroom/office/nursery, I decided to jump on the purging bandwagon with Shawn and got rid of a few things of my own that didn't need to be seen by Baby Edwards.

Not to mention the fact that both of the closets in the master bedroom are "mine"... I decided to surrender a clothing rack to Shawn.

I did the great clothing purge sometime last year, getting rid of almost anything that qualified as "going out" clothes.  Gone were the sequined tank tops.

And the infamous python-print leather pants.  Those pants saw my 22nd birthday in Los Angeles during the 2000 Dem Convention.  (P.S... it is way too hot in LA in August to wear leather pants).

Let me start with,  my 20s were fun!  Lots of that fun was had with Shawn...

I can't lay claim to a sleeveless tank that says "Hot Damn". 

But I did surrender these two jewels:

T and Jay should recognize these iron-on letters on the left.  They come from a day that started with shopping for high heels in women's size 13, bright pink and orange wigs, and extra-thick hose. 

I learned a few things that day:
1)  I'll never wear my cute orange sundress again
2)  Women aren't the only people who can put on a fabulous pageant.

And again on the right. I said farewell to the team uniform of the 2004 Beer Olympics.  Again there with the learning, and again with my wingwoman for much of my 20s, T. 

What's a skull cap without a little learning:
1)  Always pack a snack
2)  If your male teammates for any type of competiton are 120 lbs soaking wet, find some new teammates.
3)  Never count on T for navigation.  Even if you are 2 blocks from home.

We have lots of life lessons to teach Baby E!

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