Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Time Limits

One of my colleagues for the last 6 weeks has been coming in every day and asking "how are youuuuuu" like she can't believe me when I said "feeling good".

She didn't love pregnancy. 

And now that it has been over 95 degrees for a week straight, I get that she was waiting for me to get to a stage of miserable.

I'm definitely not MISERABLE, but I am starting to get uncomfortable.

Finally my feet are swelling, particularly if I wear any shoe other than a flat or flip flop.

I wore heels yesterday for about 45 minutes.  That was my time limit.

And I'm beginning to realize that Baby E is totally fine until 3pm or so every day.  He can stand to be at work at normal functioning level for about 7 hours.  Anything past that, he is starting to protest in the form of contractions.  From 3-5pm today, he was partying.  I was not.

But then again, I'm 36 weeks pregnant.  And its really damn hot. 

I think I'm in pretty good form!

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