Thursday, July 26, 2012

Mad Skillz

When you are in a daycare setting (and well, a Mom in general), it's hard to figure out what your kid is supposed to be doing, when he's supposed to be doing it, etc. etc. etc.

Fast forward to the sippy cup.

The bane of Robbie's existence.

Why drink a sippy cup when you can pound it against the table? 

Or throw it on the floor?

Or shake it up and down and watch the water splash around.

Ms. Regina and the team at school save the day!  After weeks of trying and failing, it appears that the Robster may finally have the hang of sippycupness.  Just got a few photos texted from school and he seems to have finally figured out there's a reason we keep handing him that fun toy with water inside.

(Note the water on the table that I'm sure was caused by improper sippy use.)
On to walking!

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