Tuesday, July 24, 2012

No Pictures Please

Having no pictures makes blogging for my grandma-audience quite pointless. 

Robbie he's cute and rushing into full-on toddler-hood.

Today's discoveries?

That he can dominate a plate of tasty La Loma and then smear it all in his hair, ears, eyebrows, face, etc. etc. etc.  Therein lies the trouble with dinnertime out when bedtime follows shortly.  He rubs ears when sleepy.  I took a pea out of there earlier.

Second, it's been hot, so Robbie slept in just a t-shirt and diaper last night.  For the first time.  And the last. 

Let's just say he discovered how to remove his diaper and fingerpaint this morning.  And I was thinking how nice and quietly he was playing in his room while we got ready for work. 

Um.  Gross.

I'm glad I don't have that one in pictures.

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