Friday, July 27, 2012

On Girls

I'm super excited about having a girl.

Also, super terrified about having a girl.

Girls ya'll?  Girls are HARD.  And hard on each other.  And hard on themselves.

And I'm saying that from the perspective of a girl who is probably more comfortable in her own skin, with her sense of self and with her lot in life than most girls.  (Thanks Mom for that.  I know it wasn't easy).

Today I came across this piece on babble and it rushed back all the scariness of having a girl.

Couple that with being in the Leesburg outlets last weekend looking for a cheesy moment with my husband in the "let's pick out an outfit for our daughter", and getting terrified that everything was pink.  Or lavender!  Or fushia!  Or purple! 

How the heck do I raise the best possible kind of girl?

The kind of girl who is comfortable in her own skin and knows that the sky has no limits.

Is as tough as a boy and can roll with the punches?

Can stand up for herself and her believes, and do so without being scared of what other people (or GIRLS) will think and do and say?

Who knows she is smart and beautiful and kind and loving and perfect just the way she is?

Who chooses her own path and isn't afraid to walk down it?

Who lives life with her best foot forward?

Expects others to treat her with kindness and respect and gives the same in return?

Girls ya'll? 

Girls are terrifying!


  1. If you figure out how, let me know. I'm rollIng with the pink, but there's no princess stuff allowed. Each time I tell her she's pretty (and she is), I also tell her she's smart and brave (ditto).

    You are an incredible woman, so will she be.

  2. I can't help you - I am afraid to read the Babble link!

    It's impossible to avoid pink, just go with it.