Sunday, October 28, 2012

Hurricane & other happenings

We have battened down the hatches here at Casa de Edwards for the storm of the century, frankenstorm and any other number of other names for Sandy.  Gutters are clear, stuff is off the floor in the basement and batteries have been bought.  Now it is up the the Almighty - may he protect us all.

So the tale of the day - as all who know me can attest I have been known, on occasion, to misplace things.  Keys are the usual item and nothing frustrates me more.  This afternoon, instead of keys it was my wallet.  The wallet was no where to be found.  We spent an hour looking all over for it.  We looked every place it could be and even in some places it could not.  Then Susann said something that clued us in on the mystery - "Maybe Robbie moved it."  Now Robbie and I had a small disagreement earlier in the day about going into the TV stand where we keep the dvds.  Robbie LOVES to take them ALL out.  So he was doing everything he could to get in there and I finally got a rubber band to tie it off - yes I know great parenting. Little did I know that Robbie had the last laugh - he was taking the dvds out but what I did not see was that he put my wallet IN the TV stand.  Score 1 for the lad.

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