Tuesday, January 8, 2013

On Being Awesome

Here's the context to yesterday:  a really really terrible nights sleep followed by the anxiety of the hubby being out of town for two days and doing it all alone.

Here's the thing about me:  I have a really well-defined sense of awesomeness.

The ones that know me well may cringe.

In church a few weeks ago, our (awesome) minister in her sermon mentioned being in a bible study and her asking the group when they go to bed at night, who really says "hey God, I did awesome today?" The crowd nervously chuckled and it seems no one did.  Shawn looked at me.  And me?  Sometimes, I have days where I go to bed and say "Hey God, I did awesome today."

Call it an ego... an overly congratulatory sense of self... or just some acute self-awareness.

But I know when I'm doing awesome.

And I know when I'm not.

Yesterday?  It was not awesome.

But I have to remember that just because I'm awesome doesn't mean I will be every day.

So tonight?  "Hey God, I did way better than I expected today. Tomorrow?  Tomorrow I will return to awesome.  Amen."

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